システム創成工学科 電気電子通信コース


About (in English)

The Electrical, Electronic, and Communication Engineering is an academic course to pursue the sustainable development of the human society improving the convenience of our life and the social activities through the use of the electronic properties.

In this course, you will be able to learn the electric and electronic engineering, the instrumentation engineering, the control engineering, and the communication engineering from fundamentals to their applications to realize the development of the environmentally friendly and reliable electricity generation and its transportation method, the new functional electronic devices, and the safe and high-speed data transmission method.

We develop engineers and researchers who will be successful in many fields focusing on strengthening their technological capabilities to resolve difficulties in our modern society.

To the world:
Electronic, Electronics, and Communication Engineerings are the multipronged study field of the amazing behavior of electrons which govern our material universe. The knowledge and technologies obtained in the course are essential for the electronic energy, electron device, electronic communication, and system control engineering, and which hold true all over the world. Our educational contents are in the level of global standard with the good structural foundation in the electromagnetism, electrical circuit, electronic circuit, information and communications. A wide spectrum of researches and studies including the energy conversion, robotics, environmental sensing, information communication, integrated circuit, semiconductor device, opt-electronics, medical equipment have been performed.

To the local society:
Our course is the only one university-level educational institution in the Iwate prefecture, Japan. Our course has the research and study system covering the wide range of the electrical and electronic engineering which supports the basis of our industrial society. We will continue to make contribution to the local society by developing human resources and providing support as a think tank.

To the students:
Electric, electronic, and communication engineering has an infinite expanse with the great possibilities of development. We are convincing that you can find your own research theme in our course. Graduates with the knowledge and technology are absolutely essential not only to the electric, electronic, and communication engineering industries but also to the mechanics, chemical, construction, finance, and transport industries. Therefor the ratio of openings to job applications has been very high and still a lot of large corporations have been offering the recommendation quotas to the graduates of our course.

Education and research fields.

The field of the communication and electronic system.

Students will study the theories and technologies of the electronics and electronic applied systems basing on the knowledge of the communication network, the digital integrated circuit, the digital signal processing, and the instrumentation and control engineering.

  • wireless communication engineering
  • system control engineering
  • electrical instrumentation engineering

The field of the electronic device.

Students will study the theories and technologies of the electronic materials and the electronic devices. We advance the education and research on the semiconductor engineering, the magnetic sensor which can detect the state of human or the environmental change, and their application to the medical science and the health engineering.

  • semiconductor device engineering
  • magnetic sensor engineering
  • electronic property engineering

The field of the electric energy.

Students will study systematically the fundamentals of the electric energy and their applications such as the generation of electricity and its transportation. We advance the education and research on the fundamentals and their application of the electrical and physical phenomena such as the electric discharge, the gaseous plasma, and the high-energy particle.

  • energy conversion engineering
  • high voltage plasma engineering
  • electric power engineering